About Me

I'm a twenty-something proud native Nebraskan. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Rusizi district of Rwanda from May 2012-2014, where I learned to speak Kinyarwanda, worked on public health at my community health center, and lived in a convent with 8 hilarious, amazing nuns for the two years of my service.

I stayed in Rwanda after my Peace Corps service and have lived in the country continuously for over 6 years. I currently work at an agricultural organization helping Rwandan farmers to increase their yields and incomes. I adopted my son, Francois D'Assise, in July 2016.

I can be contacted at clairebrosnihan [at] gmail [dot] com. I apologize for delays or brevity in my response since I'm a single Mama with a full time job :)


  1. you forgot black jelly beans!

  2. Hey Claire, I just got accepted to be a Health Extension Volunteer in Rwanda and was reading your blog. Anyway I was wondering if I could email you some questions about the program.

  3. I hope that you continue with this great work. My name is Jose but abantu benshi call me Hosea I live in New Mexico and have recently learned iKinyarwanda to talk to my refugee friends and has been vital as a volunteer Bible teacher here. kandi ururimi ryanje ya mbere ni Spanish. Ariko ndagerageza kwiga ururimi kiragoye cyane. LOL. Nizashimiye cyane kureba amagambo ryawe mu email ryanjye ni reino.mesianico muri yahoo.com. Murakoze kandi Imana ibuhe imigisha menshi.