Drop me a line

I love receiving mail! Here's my address:

Claire Brosnihan
B.P. 6640
Kigali, Rwanda 

I can be contacted at clairebrosnihan [at] gmail [dot] com.

Some advice on mailing:
- USPS flat rate boxes are the best value, generally.
- Put all liquids/gels in ziploc bags
- Remove ALL possible packaging to save on weight/room
-Use lots of tape on the outside of packages
- It can take 3-4 weeks for letters to arrive in Rwanda and packages anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months...


  1. Claire!
    We love reading about your amazing adventures! We miss you greatly and would like to send you a package...is the address above the current one or is there a more current one? Is there anything besides what you stated above that you need??? Want???
    Love, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Butch, Hannah, Rose, Emma, Clare and Louis
    P.S. Today was uncle Butch's 60th...yes, 60th birthday!!!! 8-5-12

  2. Yep, still my address, and will be for the next 2 years :) Anything you want to send is appreciated!! Thanks so much!

    1. Hello!
      Package is on its way as of 10-8-12. Hope it makes it there! I had not seen the full list of coveted items above until just now so we will send another package soon. Thank you for being so faithful to updating your blog...we are enjoying following your victories and hurt with you your less-than-victorious moments! Stay strong and upbeat...your joy radiates and touches so many, Claire! Love you! Hanscom Safraneks

  3. Thanks so much Safraneks! I can 100% guarantee you that I will enjoy whatever you have sent (the above is just a suggestion list). Much love, Claire :)

  4. Hi, Claire! I just found out you are a PCV, and would LOVE for you to be our Coverdell World Wise Schools PC correspondent during your stay. I had my son Alex correspond with my 6th graders during his 2 years in Morocco, and he came and visited after he COS'd; then Brigitte Pohren corresponded with us for the 3 yrs she was in Benin (she stayed an additional year!). But she recently COS'd, and I got a letter from PC asking if I wanted to correspond with a new volunteer the SAME WEEK I found out you were now a PCV--a sign from heaven, right? So may I send in the request to PC asking for you to be assigned as our Correspondence Match? I have your blog to show them on a regular basis, but it would be great if you would also occasionally correspond with us, and I can have the kids write you and maybe we can even send you packages. Let me know--my email is mgarcia3869@hotmail.com and I'll be anxious to hear from you.

    Milly Garcia, your OLD teacher!

  5. Hi Claire, it's so funny that you found my blog, I feel like you're living the life I might have led - I also graduated with Poli Sci and came thisclose to joining the Peace Corps after graduation. In the end I didn't, and I certainly don't regret it (because I wouldn't be in Paris now or have met my fiance!), but now I'm even more in awe of those who join the PC and can dedicate two years of their lives while still so young. I'll put you on my postcard list and hope it doesn't end up on a mail worker's wall!

    1. Wow, crazy! Small world :) Hope you enjoy the rest of Paris and whatever 2013 brings for you!

  6. Hey lovely lady, I have lots of fairly new "Bitch" magazines hanging around collecting dust & wondering if you might read it/like it?

    1. Sure! I'll take anything read-able :)

  7. I'm an RPCV (health extension) from Namibia and will be traveling to Rwanda in July. It sounds like you are doing some incredible work and I would love to get in touch with you--is there a place I can email you? -Jill

  8. Sure! My email address is clairebrosnihan [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. HI Claire
    This is TWIN,( Marian Conlon Brown) your aunt Moog's friend.
    My neice Claire is coming to Rowanda on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 with a group of studnets on a "Resalutin and Peace" abroad program thorugh the university in
    Tacohma Washington.
    I have to go but wil try to give you more info. soon. and will try to give her your e-mail/blog.

  10. Claire,
    Thank you so much for your candid tales of your experience overseas. I am applying to the Peace Corps early next year and your blog has given me great insight into what my experience might be like, though I know it will not be the same. You are a wonderful writer, you take us into your world and share your journey with care, thoughtfulness, and emotion. That is a special gift.

    Following your story with D'Assisi has been an emotional roller coaster, just from the small bits of life you've shared with us. Hoping the absolute best for you both.

    Your silence as of late has been concerning... Is everything okay over there? Are you okay? Is D'Assisi? Please know that your readers hear your struggle. Please update us when you can, let us know if we can help.

    From a girl in New Orleans.

  11. Dear Claire
    I was just browsing to find bus service from Gisenyi to Kamembe for my friend, when I fell upon your blog and continued reading for good 15 minutes:)
    I have also been to Kahuzi Biega for Gorillas in 2014.
    Hope to welcome you in Goma, DRC soon, where I reside since Nov 2013.
    We are the biggest travel, transport and tour operators of Congo DRC.